Meet the Translational Materials Research team at MRS Spring 2016

Translational Materials Research (TMR) will be exhibiting at the upcoming MRS Spring Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, US. You can find the team at booth #326 on the exhibit floor, and we’ll also be attending the lab-to-market focused Technology Innovation Forum X and iMatSci showcase events on Tuesday 29 and Wednesday 30 March 2016.

TMR-coverTMR engages with readers and authors who are dedicated to transforming scientific advances into real-world applications. Its audience includes researchers working academic and government labs; scientists and engineers conducting industrial R&D; the venture capital community; funding agencies and policy-makers.

The journal enables authors to document the impact of their work, highlight their technology transfer achievements and contribute to the body of knowledge on translating scientific advances into robust products and devices.

For examples, please visit the latest TMR lab-to-market highlights collection

To explore article ideas in more detail and for feedback on manuscript outlines, please contact the team via the TMR journal mailbox so that we can respond promptly to your request.

Alternatively, you can submit your article directly via the TMR author gateway.

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From the journal Translational Materials Research (TMR) –

RH_60Lean startup for materials ventures and other science-based ventures: under what conditions is it useful?
Rainer Harms and his co-authors examine the lean startup approach as a framework for technology entrepreneurship

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How do composite material technologies create growth and how do the properties of those materials influence production capability and manufacturability?


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